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Real estate project tracking for India

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More Projects.
Less Stress.

Project tracking and communication for real-estate developers and architects

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Why Redd Bricks

Slash the Cost Involved in Decisions per Square Foot

Operate Effortlessly and Teach Others Quickly

Cut Down on the Number of Business Phone Calls

Adapt to On-Site Changes Rapidly

Work with Specific Pictures, not Vague Words

Stay Compliant with Regulatory Norms of Transparency

Loop Your Customers into the Decision-Making Seamlessly

More On-Time Delivery.
Fewer Phone Calls.

More New Customers.
Fewer Compliance Issues.

More Profit.
Lesser Expenses.


Get it for Free

The standard version of the app will always be free for all of the staff members you want to bring on board!

Create Your Own Timeline and Schedule

Redd Bricks’ timeline allows you to set, view, modify, update and share all aspects of a project. 

Chat Anytime, Anywhere

Chat on Redd Bricks is convenient, simple and not dependent on real-time availability of users.

Share Drawings,
Documents and Reports

Share (only the latest) site drawings and documents with team members and customers.

Maintain Your Users’ Privacy

With Redd Bricks, customer and partner information will never be revealed to anyone else.

Track Your Team’s Performance

Create and track tasks for yourself and your team and head off problems before they occur.

Access a Central Directory

A central directory lets team members connect with each other even without their contact information.

Sport Your Brand

Redd Bricks is white-labelled so the interface will adapt to the colours of your brand.

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